Tuesday, March 24, 2015

FREE PATTERN: Irish Flag Infinity Scarf


HOOK:  6.0 mm
YARN:  Caron One Pound (Kelly Green), Caron One Pound (White), Red Heart Super Saver (Carrot)
Special Stitch:  V-stitch cluster (dc, sc, dc in same space)


1.  Chain 28

2.  In third chain from hook *(dc, sc, dc in same space/v-stitch cluster). Skip 2 ch and repeat * 7 more times.  (8 v-stitch clusters total, skipping 2 ch between each cluster).  DC in last stitch, turn.

3.  Chain 3.   Place a v-stitch (dc, sc, dc) cluster in the previous rows v-stitch spaces (not in top stitches). 8 v-stitch clusters total.  DC in the second stitch of the Ch3, turn.

Repeat Row 3 for 10 rows per color.  Continue until scarf is 90 rows long , 3 blocks of each color, 9 blocks total.  (You can add one extra row of the color you started with so when sewing together
it looks neater.)


On last row, leave an extra long tail of approx 20 inches when binding off.  Weave in ends of each color block and trim.  Fold scarf in half (being careful it's not twisted) and whip stitch the first row and last rows together.  Weave in end and turn inside out.

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